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Contact Information

As a homeowner and member of the Kopachuck Ridge Estates Homeowners Association you are entitled to access the Members Only area of the web site. To gain access contact the webmaster.

Webmaster:  xxxxx-webmaster[at]

Substitute "kreha" for the xxxxx and use an at-sign in place of the [at].

The webmaster will verify that you are a homeowner in our development and then send you an email with a contact information form to fill out and return to the webmaster. Then the webmaster will send you the username and password to access the members only area of the website.

Use the Reply feature of your email program and then scroll down to the form and fill it out. Then send it and it will go back to the webmaster.

The contact information form shall be used for the purposes as described in our Privacy Policy and shall not be shared with anyone or any organization outside of KREHA. By providing your information you will be granted access to the members only area of the web site and access to the members roster containing personal contact information for each member.

Note that access to the Members Only section of the website will expire after 2 years. To renew your access, please fill out the form again. This way, we can ensure that the roster is up to date with the latest email addresses and phone numbers as they can change from time to time.

The information on this form is also used to enter you into our Automated Messaging System which is used to notify members of important matters of safety and security as well as meetings and other events in the neighborhood. Please go to the Messaging System page to read all about the system.




Members: Please REGISTER for the Web Site by completing the Contact Information form.

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